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Studentdesk Tilburg

The goal of the Studentdesk Tilburg is to make students in Tilburg aware of amongst others first aid, being well prepared for emergency situations and humanitarian law. As a student you can become a committee member, or even apply for a board year.

Gaining experience at a worldwide aid-organization, does not only teach you a lot, but it is most importantly very fun to do! Besides the committee work, you can enjoy lots of events and we even provide first aid courses, in which you can get an official first aid diploma.

Our studentdesk has both Dutch members and international members and consists of the following committees:

  1. Raising Awareness committee

This committee focusses on for example fundraising, organizing activities, it raises money for Serious Request, but also focusses on increasing the brand awareness of the Studentdesk among students in Tilburg.

  1. Mental Health committee

The Mental Health Committee mainly focusses on students that are not feeling well or are coping with mental health issues by giving them tips or tricks how to feel better, or guiding them to getting the proper help they need.

  1. Self-reliance committee

The main concern of this committee is to get people to become more self-reliant. This is done by organizing first-aid classes for primary schools, for example, or organizing self defense classes for women who were victims of domestic violence.

  1. Humanitarian Support commissie

The Humanitarian Support committee is there when worldwide disasters have happened or to help refugees for example. Organizing a mapathon or collecting clothes for refugees are examples of activites they organize.

  1. Rode Kruis Week commissie

Eens per jaar is er de Rode Kruis Week. In deze week wordt er geld opgehaald voor het Rode Kruis. Zo mag er onder andere gecollecteerd worden. De Rode Kruis Week commissie organiseert activiteiten om geld op te halen gedurende deze week.

Besides board and committee member, you can also become a flex volunteer at the Studentdesk. When we need any extra volunteers for an activity, we can contact you if you want to help out.

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