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Refugee Buddy App

​​​​​​​​​​​​This app provides up to date and relevant information to refugees and asylum seekers in the Netherlands. ‘A must have’ when you just arrived here.


Refugee Buddy App

Where do I have to go? Where can I find the things I need? How can I explain what I want?  How can I stay informed and keep up with the news? Where can I find the closes mosque or church? The Refugee Buddy App will help to answer a lot of your questions.

  • find your way in the Netherlands
  • translate or point out your needs
  • get information about the procedure for asylum seekers
  • stay informed about the latest news
  • know what to do, by an accident
  • and more

Now available in English, Arabic, Française and Tigrinya!

Please share this information with people who don’t have access to this app or information.
If you have any suggestions or comments to improve this app, please let us know at: refugeebuddy@redcross.nl


​     Download the the Refugee Buddy app here: