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Become a Volunteer

​Without volunteers, Red Cross cannot provide assistance to those in need. Volunteers are the strength of the Red Cross. Volunteering takes up time and energy but when the Red Cross volunteers come together, they all make a difference where someone needs help.
The Red Cross has a number of volunteer positions, such as board member, first aid trainer, event services, communications, disaster management and fundraising.

What’s in it for you to become a Red Cross volunteer?

- Volunteering with the Red Cross can help you gain important skills and experience that will help you later in life.
- Volunteering with the Red Cross offers you the opportunity to help more of your community and world.
- Volunteering with the Red Cross gives you a satisfaction at getting things done and helping others
Please send an email to info@redcross-sxm.org  to join as a volunteer.

Red Cross St. Maarten Youth Volunteers

Red Cross St. Maarten Youth Volunteer Chapter was started in 2009 with the aim of educating the youths in the methods of emergency aid and disaster response. Disaster can strike anywhere at any time, and it’s important that everyone must be prepared at all times, including the youths. The Red Cross St. Maarten Youth Chapter has 59 youth members, of which 6 are chosen every year to represent as youth board members. We invite youths of all ages to come join us.