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Become a volunteer

​​​Voluntary service is grateful work and of great necessity. Without our volunteers, the Red Cross cannot provide humanitarian aid to our community. As a volunteer in the Red Cross you directly support vulnerable people in our community. We have a number of different positions for volunteers; board positions, first aid trainers, first aiders during events, fundraising volunteers, drivers and volunteers for specific projects.

​Do you want to help other people and learn from it yourself? Do you support the Red Cross work and can you work within the seven principles? Do you enjoy our activities? Then you are more than welcome as a volunteer in our branch.

Please contact one of our board members​ to subscribe as a volunteer.


The Red Cross makes sure our volunteers are well trained. All volunteers receive a first aid training. Other trainings depend on the type of activity you are doing.

Practical things

The Red Cross has a fixed procedure to handle applicant volunteers. First, you can talk to one of the Red Cross board members to learn about what activity or position fits you best. After your application one of the board members or coordinators will meet with you and learn aboutyour experience and interests. Available positions will be explained. You will also agree on some tasks that you will do for the Red Cross. All this is confirmed in a volunteer agreement, which both you and the Red Cross will sign.

​As a volunteer of the Red Cross you are insured might anythinig happen during the hours you work for the Red Cross. You will also be reimbursed for the costs you make on request of the Red Cross.