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What we do

​​Bonaire is situated in a disaster prone environment concerning natural disasters, such as hurricanes, fires, excessive rain fall or draught. Beside natural disasters there could be disasters caused by airplane accidents, harbor accidents , electrical and/or water distribution disturbance. Key challenges for Bonaire are limited resources (both materials and human resources) and being located on an islands.

Red Cross’s primary involvement is in aiding those who are unable to help themselves in times of need. This is done in various forms of voluntary assistance, such as;

  • First Aid
  • Disaster Relief
  • Assistance at Events
  • Hurricane preparedness/recovery


Red Cross Bonaire provides first aid trainings for businesses and individuals on Bonaire. We have 3 certified Orange Cross/Red Cross instructors and 1 American Red Cross certified instructor. Please contact operations@redcross-bonaire.org​ if you are interested to take a first aid class.

When medical care cannot be immediately accessed, Red Cross is available to offer initial care for injury or illness. This initial care is given so to save the life of the person and to prevent any further harm or injury.


Red Cross volunteers are always on standby should any disasters occur on the island. In case of a disaster, Red Cross will provide medical assistance, offer support in dealing with evacuations and support the distribution of primary goods. Red Cross will assist in the coordination of emergency shelter provisions before and /or after the disaster.


Red Cross is present in local events on the island. Our support in these events is necessary to ensure that visitors of these events can get emergency care in case something would happen.

Are you organizing an event and would like to make use of the Red Cross assistance contact us​ at operations@redcross-bonaire.org


Red Cross offers immediate assistance in times of hurricane threat to the island. Our volunteers are quickly dispatched to the shelters to assist in care, offering relief supplies if needed.